Industrial Heavy Duty Bearing Rollers

By: skpbearingslinks | January 30, 2018

Bearing Roller Technology – it has been 60 years since this handy machine has come into being, and although there are developments in its mechanism with passing time, it is still ‘rolling’. Typically, the roller in an ordinary bearing is just a little longer than its diameter, but in needle roller bearing, each of the needle roller is almost four times in length than its diamter, which is actually the reason that these bearings have larger surface area touching the inner and outer races, as a result of which, they are more efficient in supporting more load, as compared to other kinds bearings like, ordinary roller bearings and ball bearings. This is precisely the reason that roller bearings are usually the preferred by design engineers. Bearings Roller are majorly used in automotive and industrial power transmission apparatus, involving engines, pumps, and any and every machinery that depends upon rotating machanisms. Bearing Roller Exporters produce the bearings with either steel, plastic and aluminium casting of cages and the other components that comprise a bearing. There are various designs of these bearings, of which, here we will discuss about the caged Industrial roller bearings.

Types of Bearing  Rollers

Typically, any needle roller bearing constitutes of the following components, the inner shaft, a cage of needles (basically a ring with spaces cut into it for the rollers), the needle rollers and the outer race junction. Although Industrial roller bearings are manufactured in various kinds of designs, there are four main types –

Caged needle roller bearings

§Drawn-cup needle roller bearings

§Precision race needle roller bearings

§Thrust needle roller bearings


2.Evolutionary steps of the needle roller bearing

The caged needle roller bearing was invented back in 1949, towards the last part of the World War II, by Schaeffler brothers, Dr. George and Wilhelm of The Schaeffler Group. Back then, the full complement Industrial bearings were in popular use. The main disadvantage of this type was that, in high speed mechanisms, these roller bearings tended to distort and thus, increase the frictional heat of the overall apparatus. Also, in case of narrow clearance space, the rolling elements often got stuck or locked, creating more friction and so, reducing the efficiency. These problems were overcome when caged needle bearings were invented. The needle rollers rotates axially in the cage, thus efficient in high speed mechanisms, reduces friction, while also being resilient. The cages that hold the roller bearing, are of various types, single-split (where the needles would be separate and evenly spaced throughout), split-halves (where there would be space for a pair of needles spaced evenly throughout the cage), half-shell type, solid cages, single-split with diagonal spring bar links. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the design of the cage was under constant improvement, focusing on reduction of overall size, easy-to-lubricate designs (e.g. Processed Cages). The various improvements to the basic design has led the static load capacity upto almost 25% and even double for dynamic load capacity.

The basic design provided by the inventors still stand today, more or less, inspite of a lot of developments done over the course of 60 years to adapt the bearings with the changing times and rapidly increasing demands from every corner of the automotive, industrial and other machinery spheres. The caged bearing roller bearings have also played an important role in the making of smaller vehicles that have added efficiency as well as are more economic. At this point, there are over 15000 variations of the roller bearings being manufactured by the
Bearing roller exporters.

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