Industrial Heavy Duty Bearing Rollers

By: skpbearingslinks | August 10, 2016

Normally, when people think about bearing materials the first option they'll imagine is stainless-steel. Each and every bearing has their own unique limitations and advantages. It is depending on the application type, bearing manufacturers may advise on numerous materials, and today we'll investigate some plastic and non-metallic bearing range.

Bearing Rollers

Bearing Cages

There are numerous kinds of plastic materials used for bearing cages, The most common is molded nylon plastic but molded acetal (POM) is also utilized. Different polymers are utilized as a part of extraordinary bearing designs specific performance needed, for example, high speed, or low torque or low noise are identified.

Cages manufactured from various phenolic materials are most common in high-speed ball bearings utilized in machine tool equipment spindles. The phenolic cages are  lightweight and have high quality. The expense of handling this material has prompted an expansion utilization of plastics in its place.

Ceramic Bearings

Bearing manufactured with ceramic bearing materials fall into a specialty niche in the bearing sectors. The most common arrangement is a hybrid bearing, normally with ceramic balls as well as stainless steel rings. The most common ceramic material utilized is silicon nitride. Balls manufactured from this type o materials. These types of materials are hard, up to Rc78, or have a very smooth surface. Hybrid bearings are more costly than all stainless steel bearings.


Normally, the seal materials are buna rubber or nitrile rubber. It has great mechanical properties, can be utilized over a wide temperature range, is impervious to numerous chemicals and is low in cost. Materials, for example, Viton and Silicone are costly elastomers and they're normally utilized when an application requires their unique properties.

If you need with choosing the appropriate bearing materials or have any query about ceramic as well as plastic bearings, you can contact to reputed bearing rollers manufacturers.

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To be frank, I haven’t come across any non-metallic bearing materials. I think the most commonly used bearing material is still metal as it has got better durability and strength. But a non-metallic bearing system can reduce the production cost.
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